Do it AFRAID !

It has been 7 years since I edited my first blog, I remembered after the first draft I was too afraid to publish it. Of course ! It was not void of typographical and grammatical error, for one moment I was afraid ! what if the internet troll came after me, what if someone with verse management and consulting experience called me out to highlight all the error in my writing.

Recently I came across a conference tagged “Do it Afraid” the slogan caught my attention. How many times have we put aside those projects, how many times have you told yourself “I will start tomorrow”. Our minds are constantly generating new ideas and products of how we can recreate our environment or better still provide a service with a little twerk into what is already in existence. One professor in my school always says “nothing is new, we just need your new perspective on the old idea”.

The plan with this blog is to provide a platform where the real-life scenario of how everyday management challenge can be addressed. We would be collectively taking responsibility for the decisions we make and the result of these decisions.

So here is a push for those potential ideas in incubation or the ones you already have a blueprint for. Start today and “Do it Afraid”

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