The End of the year office Christmas party guide.

The end of the year countdown has begun, You are allowed to spoil yourself a little bit by buying something special for your self.  It is also the time of the year where companies try to appreciate their employee. You have also worked so hard during the year, attending business meeting to pitching those business ideas to your boss and have managed to command enough respect from your teammates as a team member or supervisor. Now is the time to ensure you do not allow a little indulgence of one night to destroy all that you have built. Now, you are allowed to get excited but! remember you must however still be as professional as possible. You do not want to be the topic of discussion the next day after everything is over.
Dress code: After strictly adhering to the dress code (if your organisation has one) you might be tempted to wear that little short dress or the ripped jeans you bought sometimes and have never had the opportunity to wear. Avoid the temptation, find out if the party has a dress code, some party have a dress code just try as much to keep it as business casual as possible unless otherwise stated.

Gatecrashing: As a way of paying forward a favour, you may want to bring a friend of yours to the office party or as a way of avoiding boredom. It is important you know if you are allowed to invite a guest, some companies require you RSVP for an event before attending. you want to ensure you avoid embarrassing your guest if they are not allowed on the premises.

Networking: The Christmas party is an avenue to really get to know your colleague outside of work for people that work in big companies, go out of your safe zone get to meet your colleague from other departments. In as much as you are trying to network, avoid sensitive topics e.g discussion about deep personal problems or the trap of gossiping about the new IT guy who looks like a nerd with his glasses or the stingy accountant.

The food-code: I know a  manager who has a “no drink or food with client policy”. However, that may not apply to everyone depending on the nature of your business. Yes, the food might be free except you are dining at a restaurant but remember it is not the time to turn gluttony among your colleague. Avoid attending the party without eating you do not want to be perceived as hungry.

The drink-code: This is the area where a lot of people are tempted, some companies extend the ‘no alcohol policy’ at the end of the year party but some do not especially if you work for an alcohol producing company. If you find your self-going back to the bar ask a trusted friend to keep a tab on you. If you are driving back home please do not go overboard.

Social media and selfies: We know of one person whose whole life is on social media! it could be fun at times but some people might find posting an unauthorised picture of them on social media. If you take a picture of your colleague at the party ask them if they are ok with posting them on social media, in the age where you can record and broadcast live feeds, try not to offend people by posting an unsolicited picture of them.

Finally, you have decided to attend the party it was well planned and you had a great time appreciate the planning committee. If the party turned out awkward instead of grumbling and ranting about it, consider volunteering for the committee for the upcoming one.

Have you gone overboard in the past at any Christmas party? Please share your experience.

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