Implementing an effective 2017 plan


I was admiring a billboard advert at the bus stop which had a beautiful girl on it. She had one of the most beautiful sets of dentition I have ever seen. I was not quite sure if it was the E29.9 per month that caught my attention or the toned muscle of the ‘twenty-something’ looking lady. Few stops after that was another one, this time a man but not with so much focus on his dentition and all but I realised everywhere there were posters and billboards on every corner I turned.
It is the beginning of a new year and people always have a long list of New Year resolutions or some bucket list of all they plan to achieve and then fast forward to December of the same year, you can hardly tick half of those things you had planned to achieve. Well, congratulations if you did!
After listening to  Tim Urban TED talk ‘inside the mind of a master procrastinator’ I realised at some point that it is not every time our minds have all our goals whether its financial, spiritual, career etc. figured out and all planned out. But unfortunately, it sounds like a virtual reality. From a management perspective, the SWOT matrix is a good way to start by analysing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For instance, I enjoy project management; the planning, implementation, execution and closure process, seeing the result gives me some sort of satisfaction. However, I have a weakness for writing reports, I would rather delegate the report writing an aspect to another colleague but imagine when “the other colleague” does not exist, and you do not have a choice but to write it. So, taking a practical step by embracing your strength and identifying your area of weakness it a great start.

Taking a single step towards your goals is another strategic way of ensuring you achieve your overall goal. If you plan to buy a new car, or apart from getting a car loan from your local banker which also require you to have a bit of the money, you will need to set aside funds either weekly or monthly to achieve this goal. You can also issue a standing order on your current account. So every time those discounted deals pop up in your junk mail offering you a great discount on a new pair of branded wristwatch or the latest PS 4, you would remember your earlier commitments.

At some seminar event years ago, the speaker recommended an important “Urgent quadrant chart”, it is a square box divided equally into four parts.


This quadrant enable you decide what is urgent and important by asking the question when faced with a task is it urgent and important? Can I attend to this pressing need later or now? By focusing on what is in the red box, effective decisions can be made. So the next time your phone rings at work and it is one of your college school buddy wanting to catch up during office hour you can decide which box this situation fits.
Nothing is more discouraging than finding people who make promises or decision without any real plan of following them through. While the reward for your commitment may not be instant, you must remain committed to your plan. Along the road, the possibility and temptation to quit are inevitable, you must remember why you started in the first place.

Do you have any proactive plan for 2017 you are committed to follow through ? you can share some of them.

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