Project Excerpt: Hannover Messe CeMAT 2018

If there is one place to find thousands of people looking for products, showcasing innovative ideas and products it is the CeMAT, Hanover Germany. It was a 5days of learning, sight seeing and discovery of some of the most exceptional ideas. I must confess, that has been the largest fair I have attended. The organisation and planning was excellent. So, here is my recap about what I learnt at the fair.

The planning process from looking at the fair would have taken months if not years of constantly improving the fair yearly. Once you register as a participant you automatically get a bar-code with your name and a map of the whole exhibition floor. You do not need to stress about getting confused if you are in the wrong booth or not all you need is the map. O before I forget did I mention the automatic printout you get once you scan your barcode ! Yes, the scanning machine is a two in one device, it allows you access to both the venue. So all you need to do is pick one of those name holder


Photo: Printable Access Card

The CeMAT fair also featured different company from logistic, robotics, transportation, supply solutions, cloud solutions as well as electric transportation. One of the highlight for me as a project person was the digital innovative Hubs at the fair. The hub was set up by the European commission in support of both small business in order for these business to benefit from digital innovation. Other benefits of these hub includes but not limited to providing access to digital technology and competences, training and developing digital skills, providing financial advice, marketing as well as networking opportunities.


Photo: The Green Lamborghini

This Lamborghini was featured in the European digital hub, someone had concluded that the car was green as a result of the campaign against emission, maybe its a way of saving the company believes deeply in green energy. You Find about about the green  Lamborghini on google.


Photo: EPLAN Booth (They had one of the most beautiful booths)

Siemens had one of the most interesting products, I mean half of a particular hall had all Siemens products including a career both as well as a forum. There were not there to play. Some of Siemens other products included total integrated automation software and hardware, distributed ios system, human machine inter phase, state of the heart machine for switching, protecting and monitoring production. In addition before I forget, there was the China Hanover Messs(Fair)  booth where you can register your business if you plan to exhibit at the fair in China. There were so many exhibitors, I cannot write about all of them.

The fair was excellently coordinated, in fact I was as if I entered into another village, almost every hall had a food or drink stand where you can order quit street food from hot dogs to pizza and a cold drink.

As a project person, there are certain things I learnt at the fair, which would continue to shape my perception of technology and business. One is regardless of what business it is you have, there is a digital solution than can simple improve your process, be it transportation or service. And lastly, digitization have come to stay. If you do not embrace or incorporate it into your business, you may be left behind.

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