Using Project Management Templates

One of the many advantages of being a member of the Project Management Institute is the valuable resources, article and quality network of professionals you are connected to. As a project manager be it in a project oriented organisation or organisation that have temporary projects managing projects requires collaboration with not only the project people but also managing and collaborating across several departments.

Using project management templates help to change the way in which these teams are managed. For example, a project management status report can be used weekly or monthly depending on the timelines the team have agreed to review the project. By using this status report each team to be it IT or finance can have their milestone measure with such templates the work that has been done can be measured and a detailed project report of each team can be seen graphically. This is why the Gannt  Chart gives a graphical representation of your project timelines.


Photo:Sample project status report 

Information management: A project template can help you manage information in an easy format, rather than designing one from the scratch, all you need to simply do is to plug in your information in an already designed on. By using project management templates, information regarding your projects can be protected. Imagine setting up a new project management report from scratch it is possible. Project templates helps to Communicate Clearly, project progress especially in a multi project environment. it also Provides stakeholders with a common yardstick for evaluating project progress and issues.

Risk and Error Reduction: My first job as an intern I worked with a project management firm and since my role was the role of project support we did a lot of documentation especially when writing reports to the client and other stakeholder companies. As a novice, I created a new template every time I needed to do inventory control or report. Looking back I realized how naive I was. I would have saved a lot of time by using the same templates and maybe update one or few information as time went by. Using project templates can help you minimize error as well as save a lot of time.

Allows creativity:  It is a template, yes I am aware of that. Everything is already drafted, yes I know. That is one on the many reasons you can be creative with your template, depending on the needs of your projects you can add more information peculiar to your projects. In addition changes  learned from old projects can be use to design templates for different projects as well.

Lastly, while using templates are great for managing project, it is important that any templates you are planning to use must have all the essentials of a project. For instance a budget template for an event project cannot be used for a building project. In addition, there must be agreement with your team and management when it comes to using templates to deliver projects. If management do not but in, do not use it. Using template that are filled with variables that management and client cannot understand will only create more problem for you.


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