Understanding Technology and Health Projects

Last year I had the opportunity to work as a project support for the SORMAS Surveillance Outbreak Response Management System project. Although, I must say I am not a doctor but, as a project manager I see the use of technology in making life easier for people, especially when it come to health and outbreak management. If you remember the case of the EBOLA outbreak, a lot of people died during the outbreak. Not only was I paranoid the whole period. Anyone who sneezed beside me was a suspect, how about high temperature ? Forget it I am out of the room !


Attending the Public Informatic Health Conference   in Atlanta, Georgia did not serve as an eye opener, It did help me to gain a deeper insight of how various institutions and even government para-stater are continuously looking for new ways to solve health problems. This problems included managing outbreak, ensuring accurate report of incidence, reducing duplication of work especially in the local level, deploring vaccines, ensuring adequate medical supplies are available at different healthcare facilities, using data analytics to ensure data is used to make quality decisions. While technology may have its set backs especially when it come to providing adequate hardware for all health personnel and training personnel on how to use these tools may not be cheap, the investment however is always worth it at the end.



Health projects usually requires an in-dept of what a project wants to achieve. Sometimes, having experience in the health sector as a health consultant or project manager can help you understand your team better. There are lots of technical things you will need to not only have glimpse of idea of, but proven field knowledge. However, I know few medical |Health project managers who were doctors and who had medical and health work experience but just found it hard to manage a health project. They lacked the human relationship management skills required to successfully managed a team. Sometimes, some people are just NOT all that cut out for chasing programmers, incident managers, health care workers and trying to convenience the board that your project needs more funding. But guess what ! This is where you come in as a professional with the magic wand ! you have done it before, you know how to get result from the most difficult person on a team and also know how to convenience  the board give you more money. However, take caution ! been a project manager also means taking the challenge of every project and ensure that your project is successful, changing the quality of life of the people who will benefit from the project.

Until next time, I hope your are changing the quality of life of people with your projects.

Featued picture Photo credit: Unsplash.com  rawpixel

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