Are Leaders Born or Made?

During my last year at the university, I remember one of the term projects was to discuss different leadership model available and during this time I got into a conversation of the question whether leaders are born or made? Well, be it a transformation leader or a transactional leader I believe our environment plays a critical part in forming our leadership skills.

You don’t need to look far to discover precedents of either powerful pioneers who have done horrible things or effective supervisors who do not have the delicate abilities to lead and move. There is a need to centre around what the contrasts between the two are and why a blend of both is perfect.


What is administration? It’s the act of driving a gathering towards a shared objective. Individuals who lead have three regular traits:

  1. They move others to share their vision.
  2. They propel others to follow up on that vision.
  3. They support others and help them beat snags in the quest for that vision.

10 Leadership Skills

  1. Communication: The capacity to provide and disseminate information data and listen effectively. Have you ever had a colleague who said it the way it was? I believe being a leader requires transparency, however, there is a part of being diplomatic as well. Rather than condemn your team members to work, show them what you have done and provide ground for improvement.
  2. Motivation: Getting individuals to need to do what you require them to do. Sometimes when I come across a job advertisement on some company some say that they provide free lunch. whether free lunch is what you want or a lot of vacation time, motivation is important for your team.
  3. Delegation: Knowing that you can’t do everything and confiding in others to enable you to convey the heap by finishing allocated undertakings.
  4. Positivity: Keeping an inspirational disposition, paying little mind to the circumstance, assists with confidence.
  5. Trustworthiness: People wouldn’t hear you out or do what you inquire as to whether you don’t initially ingrain a feeling of trust.
  6. Creativity: There will dependably be issues that can’t be comprehended through repetition; you should think inventively and be available to take risks.
  7. Feedback: Leadership doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Tune in to your group, partners, counsellors, guides, and so forth., and consider their assessments important.
  8. Responsibility: You can’t anticipate that individuals will tail you in case you’re not assuming liability for the master plan and your conduct.
  9. Commitment: You likewise can’t hope to lead others in the event that you are not dedicated to the task.
  10. Flexibility: Things change, and unbending nature can destroy a task, so you should will adjust and not hold too firmly to anything.


What is management? It’s the way toward managing or controlling things or individuals. Be that as it may, the accentuation completes having a tendency to be on things as opposed to individuals. Supervisors are individuals who plan, arrange and facilitate. They are precise and are continually reassessing their procedure to ensure they’re advancing as arranged. If not, they change to return to their benchmark appraisal. Additionally, feature the distinctions and the integral idea of administration and administration,

Top 10 Management Skills

  1. Interpersonal Skills: While chiefs aren’t only managing individuals, despite everything they should interface with them, and the better they do as such, the smoother the administration procedure.
  2. Communications: Being ready to oversee is having the capacity to impart what you have to who needs to do it.
  3. Motivation: The equivalent is valid for inspiring individuals to pursue your administration lead.
  4. Organization: You should be sorted out. Administration process is comprised of numerous parts, and they can’t be taken care of on the fly.
  5. Delegation: No one can oversee everything themselves, and on the off chance that they attempt, they will fall flat. In this way, share duties and errands with others.
  6. Forward Planning: A supervisor is an organizer who looks towards the future and how to set themselves available today.
  7. Strategic Thinking: Part of any administrative task requires arranging and contemplating which task is important, prioritising what’s important and how to adjust them pushing ahead.
  8. Problem Solving: Managers confront issues every day, and they should think imaginatively to unravel them.
  9. Commercial Awareness: Managers are not working in a vacuum and need a sharp feeling of the business and business condition in which they work.
  10. Mentoring: keeping in mind the end goal to complete things, some of the time a supervisor must turn into a tutor, offering direction or preparing where it’s required.

While these skills seem to be very much linked, a manager can simply manage a project without need to inspire them, you simply want to get value for your money however if you want to be a good leaders you want your team to be as productive as ever more also inspire them by showing them a vision and leading them to achieve it.

Do you think leaders are born or made? share your views.

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