How to Avoid Social Media overdose as a Startup

The excitement experienced during the light bulb moment of a fantastic idea for any idea developer or idea owner if asked, is probably not the same when it comes to implementing it. The digital marketing plan for your Startup-up weekend: Ensuring your Startup survives could along the road become overwhelming. Trust me, having worked for myself, big corporation and start-ups, I can tell you there are days of cluelessness, burning out, lack of motivation or even moments when you reach the end of the road. Hey! hold on don’t give up, you’re not alone.

During the BorekAcceleration BorekAccelarations Camp, program participants get $3000 as support for their marketing plan and if you’re not experienced or have the right team, you will spend all the money without getting a single lead or someone who needs your products and services. However, getting your digital campaign right can help you reach a lot of customers. So don’t get overwhelmed, here are steps you can take.

1. Understanding Marketing 

As a young girl, I hated everything about marketing, I always assumed marketing was all about that annoying sales representative trying to convince you at the supermarket to buy that product that you do not want or need. Well, that could be true. However, after working as a sales representative in a popular store as a Samsung product rep for a few months as a holiday job, and closing my first million deal as a relationship manager, my idea of marketing was never the same. Marketing is not just about selling, It is about letting your customer know that you can add value or create a unique experience when they use your products. It is not just about selling it is more of “creating value for every dollar they spend”.

2. Delegate or Outsource  

Many big companies involved in manufacturing simply don’t have all the expertise in all areas, this is why most of these company hire marketing consultants or marketing agency simply because they can bring in their marketing expertise when it comes to developing an effective marketing campaign and ad. One time I wanted to print a new business card because I had moved into a new town. While using Adobe might be what I enjoy doing in my spare time, I decided I would edit the old document I had and simply send it for printing which would cost less. However, 24 hours later I was still struggling to ensure that some vertical lines were in place. After that, I gave it up, simply contact one of my graphics designers and voila ! it was all ready in a few hours. One of the reasons the role of a vice president is different from that of the president is simply this: one manages internal relationships while the latter manages external relationships. Don’t be the content creator if you are effective at managing relationships with suppliers and customers, please delegate.

3. Using all social media platform  

Startup digital Internet
Don’t get confused!

The essence of any analytics tools is to help you have a comprehensive idea of how your website or a post is doing. However, focusing on all social media platform as a startup is a sure way to screw up your marketing strategy. Do the research,  find out which platforms your ideal client uses with this result, you can focus effectively on this platform and allocate more resources there. It won’t hurt anyone.

3. Not engaging your followers 

Have you ever seen a question in a comment section of any Facebook post where there is no response? The easiest way to lose audience and customers on social media is to be a one-way conversation company. Posting 20 updates without answering or responding to comments on your social media platform is so wrong! If you continue to do that, your customers will soon realise that you are only interested in what you have to say and not what the customer wants, which can easily result into people not engaging with your post.

4. Using Blog as a means to an end

Writing meaningful and useful content about your products, service or related tips on how best one can use the products or services you are selling, can help you draw more people to your website. As a startup, you don’t want to just place products on your website for people to buy. The whole user experience journey can make a difference in whether customers might be interested in purchasing your products or not. Imagine writing a blog as a digital marketing company on tips on how your products can change the way people use social media to engage their customers.  Few tips on how to organise a social media campaign or simply creating a free social media calendar where your customer or clients can download and simple use. it would be a bonus to your business, by the way, it would not cost you much, and it might be the tipping point for your next sales.

4. Focus

As a startup, it is very easy to be subjected to trend and social pressure. The fact company A is using a social media influencer does not mean you must use one. Understanding your unique selling point is one way to say true to your brand. Remaining committed to your vision and continuously improving them will not only bring stability to your business. It will help you and your organisation stay true even in the midst of challenging economic or business turbulence.

Stay tuned, until next time.

Photo Credit; Unsplash

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