How Customers Satisfaction affects your Startup

Amazon  prides itself as Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company,  which means they go the extra length to ensure that you can get all you want in 24 hours ! just be a prime member. When I read John Doer “Measuring what matters” of how Google scaled its KPI to having over 1 billion active subscribers, they did not just pay another marketing company that promise you heaven and earth. But they took a pro-active step to ensure that they were able to understand their customer journey and with these improvements, the company made more profits. You know the popular saying that customers are always right, well that is not far from the truth because without a single customer forget about making a profit. even non-profits have customers. So how should you treat your customer as a startup? 

Understand How the Customer is an Integral part of your business

Without a comprehensive understanding of what the customers want, the business process can become frustrating. Imagine ordering a product hoping it would perform X function and only for you to discover that it does not perform the function that you want. Nothing leads to frustration faster than an angry customer. If your products would not deliver certain functions, please don’t include them when documenting its features. Even if the product is under construction or the product has not been completed avoid the temptation of trying to be impressive on paper and annoying Business in real life. 

Become the Customer-Centric Business 

Don’t just have it as part of your business mission or vision statement or somewhere in your business slogan on your website. Let your organisation process and culture recreate it. I remember my first job as a project assistant, it was a simple part of the company’s culture to reply to email inquiry immediately you receive one. In fact, we had a template for everything, from who is responsible for payments. what training are holding when and where and also what happens if a customer wants a refund? we simply followed the process and at the end, the customers were extremely happy that they were able to hear back from the company within a short period of time. 

Great Customer Service is not a good substitution for bad products 

Out of curiosity and comparing service quality I have bought items on Ali-express in the past and I remember the goods never arriving. After contacting the company support they got back to me saying the goods were already received and signed for. In as much as the customer service was trying as much as to be helpful, I was totally upset and at the end gave a negative review when I was asked about my shopping experience. One other time, the product was nothing compared to what I ordered for, of course, the experience left me a bitter customer. Ensuring that product quality is excellent should be your business priority before you try to impress any customer. Otherwise, you are setting your business up for failure.

Don’t leave customer satisfaction to customer satisfaction team                                 

The main purpose of customer satisfaction team is to provide, accurate timely information to customers. However, this information can also be a reflection of how customers perceive your business. A continuous dissatisfaction from the customer about product quality or poor feedback all the time is an indication that all is not well. Therefore, production and service team can take something away from this feedback that improvement needs to be made and the quality of service offered improved. in summary, all departments must come together as a team to address this problem.  

Understanding Customer Lifetime value                                                                               

The first time a customer buys a product is the starting point of their lifetime value, meaning they are either going to come back if they are satisfied or go somewhere else if they are not satisfied. This is why people buy Apple products. My sister is an early adopter of Apple products, for a long time, I could not understand why anyone would want to pay so much just to be part of the people who would be the first to have the product. One time a few months after she bought one of the latest models the phone developed some problem, after contacting the customer service all she needed to do was provide her receipt of purchase and she got a brand new product back. That’s exceptional service, although these business model only works for a few renowned brand names.  

Don’t forget the Human element!                                                                                                   

Automation is great! no doubt but removing the human element of your customer service would only cripple your business gradually. Except you have tested and tried this customer service automation, you need a human customer service agent.







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  1. good post, customer loyalty is an important key to success.

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