Global eCollaboration Competition, What I learned

The global collaboration Competition for 2019 held last weekend and I must say it was a learning point for everything project management and collaboration. The competition had 23 Teams made up of 6 persons per team making the total participants 138 from different countries background and professional experience.
The Case Study
So here is how it works, the team is expected to come up with a project management story on collaboration with each member of the team writing apart without consulting each other, at the end the story should have a form of connection. Which is the pre-case. for the main competition, you are given a case study of a bank wanting to launch a mobile banking app which will allow customers access and perform financial transaction and reduce waiting time. As the project management company, you must come up with the project planning process, carry out risk assessments, project scope, stakeholder analysis and project benefit in 24 hours. While this included sleepless night the collaboration effort was a remarkable one. In the end, I thought to document all that I had learned in this e-collaboration process.
Knowing your strength 
The initial part of the competition required team formation, I quickly got to learn that we had people from all different background Computer Science, Art, Engineering, International Business with one goal in mind, collaboration and project management. Everyone brought a unique perspective to our project. We also had team members who had an exceptional project and leadership skills, they simply did not only take up the responsibilities they literarily took upon them the responsibilities to ensure that the collaboration was easy.  In addition, the work was simply divided according to each person unique strength which made the collaboration a whole lot much much easier. So when working as a team, it is not enough for the team to be diverse, understanding how each person role and competence serve as their unique selling point helps to resolve a conflict.
Technology as a Tool
There are several tools that help collaboration, skype, google drive, Asana,, Whatsapp, name them. All these tools helped us in coordinating our thought, making decisions and connecting to one another. Growing up, it was hard receiving international calls from abroad, because it was either too expensive or we did not have the connection to receive international calls. However, all of that has changed now from free calls on skype to free messaging service on Whatsapp, everyone is a ping away. Take advantage of technology to improve your project management process.
Not all your team members would be Ambitious 
When I mean ambitious, I don’t mean they don’t have a plan for the next 5 years it simply means that all your team members may not have the same drive as everyone, while some people wanted to work round the clock, some just wanted to work only during the time frame their task was assigned and nothing more. While this does not bring into question their competence and skills, It just means that they were not ready or willing to commit to more hours during the project! Although they delivered exceptional work and were within the timeline, we had to figure out how to ensure that the task they got was in alignment with teams availability. As a project manager, you may expect everyone to put in the same amount of energy, resources and time you have invested into the project, sorry to disappoint you that might not just be the case.
Understanding What the end Goal is
Working with projects timelines is simple, not enough, we knew what the end goals was ‘To win the competition’ and everything we did, the research, collaboration, disagreement, the agreement was going to lead us to one destination. There was no power play, no office politics no taking a side, just one goal to convince the GeCCo team that we were good at what we did and therefore we should be The winner of the competition.
Against all odds, we submitted our entries, both pre and case study. By 30th of March, the results would be out. if we win it means our efforts did not go in vain if we did not win, it means we took something away from the competition, the friendship, the discovering of our skills, talents and capacity.
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