Following your dream, the Struggles, Conflict of Interest and SEO


EGGSAs I speak, my draft blog post should be over 20! yeas not kidding.

While that might not be all my blogging notepad is almost overly saturated, and I would say my brain feels like the overly roasted chicken in the forgotten oven.

I have had to struggle between writing my thought and idea as an individual, entrepreneur, a project manager, a language students and a startup advocate. However, the ghost of SEO keeps hunting my thoughts.

Should I write for SEO, my dream, my aspiration, about what drives me? but wait, I would have to look for keywords that match so I can rank. or maybe someone will find me and find the post useful.

but then again, no one will find me if I do not use the SEO rules of ranking…….

Does it really matter?

But then again… this crossroad must one go back to the fundamentals of ”why I started”

This is life, we get caught up in the middle.

However my charge for you today is this.

”Remember why you Started” and lastly “Fight for what you believe”

Or better still JUST DO IT !


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