Purpose will always motivate you !

I looked up it was 3:00am in the morning, I was almost done with the new project content. I looked again was the battery of the wall clock out and someone forgot to change it ? I asked myself.

My mind was busy pre-occupied with the thought of all the things, ideas running through my head like a river.

I closed the computer, it still had the whining sound like I refused to give it something that it wanted. After all it had been my companion for the last couple of hours. How about I take a break now, if felt like I was talking to my 3 years old niece who refused to go to bed after refusing to play another round of Shark Song for her.

The sound of the alarm in my head woke me, no there was no digital clock by the side of my bed. Only burning desire to share about my new projects and work on the Business plan for the new Cohort the Accelerator has just accepted.

Finally, it dawn on me that I was motivated by purpose, that feeling you get when it seems that you finally found your calling. Something that keeps you awake at night.

Although the days of procrastination have not set in, today I rejoice in this new purpose I have found.

My prayer and hope for you is that you will find that purpose that motivates you.

Until next time.

Have faith in little things.

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