10 keys to Mastery : Lesson from the Retired Agent

Have you ever seen any of those James Bond series or one of those movie where the FBI has a problem or a particular criminal seems to torment the whole government.

He can’t be arrested, or he has been arrested several times but some how he seems to know all the big names, name it lawyers, attorneys and even police commissioner. The government can’t even find enough evidence to charge him, even when they know he’s the convener of trouble and head of the “Cabal”. I am sure now you can relate.

However, someone during a long brainstorming session of how to take this kingpin down remember the name of a popular retired CIA agent. Who always had a way of finding the “bad guys” and bringing them to book. Sometime using both convention and unconventional ways. Just because they have mastered their act. The rest of the scene goes on…..

An helicopter lands close to an helipad near a retirement home always close to an island or an isolated place where he the agent does not want to be disturbed.

He knows once he sees he’s old colleague or boss that there is trouble in paradise. That’s the only reason he is receiving an August visitor”.

Fast forward to the end of the movie, yes after few losses here and there he finally finds a way to put the mob boss in jail. With a deep level of satisfaction for both himself and colleagues.

Here are my take on mastery.

1.Mastery required years of practice, managing a business also requires an amount of dedication and commitment.

2.Even managing ones career required planning, don’t leave anything to chance.

3. Plan everything, People, finance, Marketing when it fails you will learn from it.

4. Those endless hours you have committed to your business or career may not seems to count, but it takes a matter of time before you can see tangible results. Don’t throw in the towel.

5. There are people who are energy booster and energy drainers. Identify them and know when to stay around and when to leave.

6. Passion and motivation is not enough for your business or projects. Because there are days in which you won’t find any. Cultivate the habit of discipline.

7. Talent or a degree is not enough ask me. When I left Business after my MBA I knew the experience to navigate rough water and tough operations decisions was not taught in any of the model of my MBA. You learn on the job.

8. There are day the Lion or tiger in you won’t roar, it’s not the end. Find courage to remember why you started.

9. Once in a way you will be misunderstood, you may not be able navigate conflict the way you want it. Remember not only to win battles but also war. Learn to let go.

10. Bench marking required comparing “industry best” to your present circumstances and seeing how you can improve to get or reach your goals. I don’t mean jealous comparison. I mean telling your self hard truth that will help improve your business or self.

Lastly, life is not all about wins. However take joy in winning and loosing. it’s life.

Until next time. I hope you have enough patience to navigate lives trouble looking at the better side.

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